'Clothing Optional': a unique concept

What does 'Clothing Optional' mean to us? We are a naturist B&B, you can always be naked with us. You can be outside in the garden, inside in the common areas, at breakfast, while drinking a drink in the cosy dining room, etc... But you don't have to be naked. You choose for yourself, at the moment, what you feel good about.

We, Jo and Ella, will almost always be naked. We like to receive and serve you naked. We provide a very pleasant temperature inside so that even in bad weather you can choose to be naked. We create an atmosphere that provides a unique experience.


It is very important that we and our guests always respect everyone's choice to be naked or not. And respect everyone as they are. For us, that is naturism. Nobody is forced to be naked. If you prefer to be (partly) dressed, you can. Only in the saunas is it expected that everyone is naked, sitting on a large towel.

Are you a naturist for the first time, are you unsure? Please talk to us. We will listen and try to understand you. You can do that when you check in, or beforehand by sending us an email or phone.

Are you alone? Then you can also come to us. Singles are also more than welcome in our concept.